Bikaner Porcelain Private Limited

LT Pin Insulator

The LT Pin Insulator is made from high quality porcelain material, since it is one of the best insulators. The LT Pin Insulators are highly reliable for conductors and are designed to meet electricity demands in the most cost effective manner. These Porcelain Insulators can endure high amount of temperature and current and are the best solution for maintaining safety in various electrical appliances.


  • Rating : For use in LT Lines
  • Type : Various sizes (As per IS)
  • Applicable Standards : IS: 1445/1977 (Latest amendment)
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Used to safeguard electrical appliances
  • Support electrical conductors without passing current through themselves

Technical Specifications

Particulars LT Pin
Type of Insulators Type I
Standards to which insulators will conform IS: 1445/1977 Latest amendment
Dimensions 70 mm X 100 mm
Color of Glaze Brown
Dry Power freq. Withstand voltage (KV) 23 KV
Wet Power freq. Withstand voltage (KV) 10 KV
Puncture Withstand Voltage 1.3 x Actual Dry Power Frequency Voltage
Minimum failing Load (KN) 3.5 KN
Temp Cycle test (as per ISS) As per clause 7.8 of IS 1445
Porosity test (as per ISS) As per clause 7.11 of IS 1445
Furnished drawing no. BPPL-LT-05